Julie Rajkumar, Certified Forensic Healing Practitioner

I am Julie Rajkumar. My Forensic Healing practice is based in Winnipeg, Canada, and I also provide accessible distance healing by phone or video call. 

I use all the principles and holistic methods in Forensic Healing modality, bringing in a unique approach using the science along with my natural intuitive gifts and a lifetime of learning and training.

For well over 30 years I have coached, led, guided and managed people, the majority being women, who were seeking to enhance their outer appearance with professional skincare and cosmetics. I have learned that when a client came for a consultation or sat in my chair for an outer solution, they were essentially also on a quest for an inner solution. 

I am passionate about helping others unlock and transform themselves, through overcoming and healing pain, negative patterns, programming, belief systems, challenges, judgement, fear, suffering and deep-rooted blocks that are not in alignment with living a current life of purpose, joy, good health, love and abundance.

The Universe is waiting for you! I invite you to contact me for a sincere and calm experience of healing.

About Forensic Healing

"An award-winning structured natural therapy that combines science and intuition. Release pain, stress and long term conditions fast." 

"Accumulation of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunction in a person's life until it is healed. The body never lies, and if there is pain, stress, anxiety, tiredness, fear, grief, hurt, low self-worth, etc.,the body is giving a message that healing is needed. 

A Forensic Healer will investigate a client's past using biofeedback methods (similar to kinesiology) and identify the most impactful/stressful times that caused a block in the client's energy field. Then applies the most appropriate healing pathway to release the block." 

Contact Julie Rajkumar to request the Official Forensic Healing PDF Brochure to read more. 

Forensic Healing utilizes physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual healing pathways,
providing treatments including but not limited to:  

  • Many genetic and hereditary conditions
  • DNA reprogramming
  • Treating and potentially healing many physical illnesses, ailments, and providing pain relief
  • Clearing curses, removing negative patterns
  • Treating depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental and emotional conditions
  • Identifying and working with personal archetypes and belief systems
  • Soul level healing and personal empowerment

I understand that you are not living your best life possible unless your mind and body are completely healthy. That's why my goal is to provide alternative care that will potentially reverse and prevent illnesses using the fundamental healing principles of mind-body healing.  

Visit www.ForensicHealing.com for more information. 

Visit Julie Rajkumar's official Forensic Healing Practitioner directory listing https://directory.forensichealing.com/blog/item/julie-rajkumar/ 



"Julie has helped me work on severe issues related to trauma, as well as severe allergies, stress, and with money. We have had three sessions together over the past few months, and Julie has helped me face some of the core issues in my life; the challenges that I feel were really holding me back and overwhelming me, and even adding to a lot of physical pain and illness. I have dedicated my life to healing and I have close relationships with many healers, and many practices of my own.  I have found that forensic healing finds and heals those core issues fearlessly and almost effortlessly, and with profound immediate effects. As someone who believes in empowering ourselves and others, this is a miracle. I am so grateful to know Julie and to have experienced forensic healing right here at home in Winnipeg. Julie has a beautiful home clinic, and no matter how difficult the challenges I am facing are, I always leave feeling more relaxed and empowered."

Bethany B.

"They say all therapies are great, but it's the therapist that makes it exceptional.  I have to agree with that and Julie is definitely exceptional in her work.  I've been working with energy medicine for about 15 years and I am picky whom I let into my electromagnetic field.  I trust Julie completely and every session I've had so far, has been effective with great experiences, that leave me peaceful and content. I feel the shifts and the releases.  I definitely recommend her for anyone who is looking for assistance in a healing journey, whether it is on a physical, emotional or mental level.  We need more practitioners like her around."


"My experience with Forensic Healing. Not knowing what I was walking into, and going to my session, I went to it with an open mind and a willingness to be honest to myself and to Julie.  She is soft spoken and has kind eyes and a peaceful good energy about her. During my session; I was treated with courtesy and kindness. Everything was explained to me during the session. For myself, I wanted to be free of the childhood traumas, I had experienced.Throughout my session, I felt waves of emotions come over me and the physical release of that energy that I had been harboring has been released by Julie with her methods,  and I now feel blessed in ways I did not think were possible.   Afterward I went home to discover that I felt an internal peace, that I haven’t felt in years, and a freedom to my spirit that was given back to me has given me a restored and wonderful outlook on myself and how I can take on daily challenges in my life.  Thanks to forensic healing and an amazing healer. I am appreciative to have stumbled upon this in the city I live in and now feel at peace inside.   Thank-you Julie, I am ever grateful." 

Wendy C. 

"Let’s just say she has an amazing gift.  I remember the first time I met Julie , I liked her immediately.  She takes the time to get to know you and all the things that you are currently dealing with.  I have seen her 3 times and each time she gets down to more of the painful things that have stopped me from becoming the person that I really want to be.  Helping me release things that I have not overcome in years….mostly childhood issues.  I will continue to see her because I know that the issues are layers that need to be peel back exposed and then healed.  Julie does a great job of that.  I would highly recommend seeing her." 

Kim H. 

"I met Julie in early 2017 and I was on my healing journey already as I had cancer in 2015 but I knew there was still more that I could do. I could not believe how amazing I felt after my 1st session and how things were already starting to shift when it came to my health and my personal life. After about my 3rd session I met my new partner after being single for 13 years and now after my 8th session things are better than I could have imagined. We all are like onions, lots of layers to get to and if there is one thing I can say is that I believe everyone should see Julie. She is kind, beautiful, genuine and super talented. I feel truly blessed to have met her and to have her in my life!"

Thorunn P. 

"When I first met Julie, I felt instantly connected to her as she welcomed me in.  Her caring and nurturing spirit is so comforting, it's like being held by a mother's love.  It's  always an invitation to rest assured that you are cared for and loved.  

It's always so interesting how Forensic Healing goes to the core of the issue and is then cleared with Julie's guidance.  

The smell of essential oils, healing music and her nurturing touch help you to feel at ease and safe, which is so important for the healing to occur.  

I ALWAYS leave feeling 100% better than when I came.  

Thank you Julie for your kindness and your loving support."  

- Maria Dutra


"Julie is a kind and gifted practitioner to whom I fully credit healing my long-standing, chronic, very painful and often limiting back pain. In just one session Julie was able to identify the true and unexpected root cause of my pain and help me release it for good — something that traditional physiotherapy, chiropractics and massage therapy was not able to do over the course of several years. I am still astounded by the results, and am eternally grateful to Julie and Forensic Healing. Whatever your concern, whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional, I highly recommend that you visit Julie and experience this transformative healing practice for yourself."

Tannis B.


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